Welcome to Buffalo Prairie

Buffalo Prairie is a 60-bed Skilled Nursing Facility including a 20 bed Memory Prairie Care Unit. The Memory Care Unit has an enclosed memory garden with  a walking path, raised garden beds and a water feature.  Buffalo Prairie Care Center also provides the following services: IV therapy, wound care, peritoneal dialysis, tracheostomy care and management, enternal tube feeding, and TPN therapy.

We believe that each resident deserves the best possible care delivered with a personal touch from our team of community based health-care professionals.  Many of whom have been with Buffalo Prairie for years.   We believe that each resident should receive the care level appropriate to his or her individual and changing needs.  Whether it is an occasional helping hand or complete skilled nursing care, we strive to help residents achieve and maintain their personal independence.  At Buffalo Prairie Care Center we treat you as part of our extended care family.  We believe that the small size offers our associates the opportunity to get to know each of the residents personally and as individuals.

Resident Testimonials

“Buffalo Prairie Care Center is like having a home living with extended family. It is full of love, care and kindness, what more could anyone ask for.”
Janice Allen
“Buffalo Prairie Care Center is a wonderful place to live with caring people.”
Cathy Jones
“Buffalo Praire Care Center is a great place to live. They take good care of me.”
Scott Neill

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